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Halloween bash at the More Chewarie with DJ Calli

Halloween 2019 on Left Hand Column at the More Chewarie de Ween, with DJ Calli. Find out just how scary it can get among the cakes, candy (toffee) apples, and the just-this-very-second invented and hopefully completely fictional, ancient cake gobbler. If you don’t think that a mysterious monster chowing down on your entire collection of calorific confectionables is scary, then you’re in for whatever constitutes the apparent opposite of a treat, which is traditional on halloween. No need to wear a costume, but there’s probably going to be the occasional zombie or skeletal version of a something, staggering around that you can maybe get a selfie with. Monsters will be mashed, thrills will be thrillered, and bats will be good supply all evening long.

Earlier Event: October 14
Folk by the Fire with DJ Calli

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