Patisserie De Bauchery

- We Love Cake -
We don't sell it,
but you're more than welcome to take a look

Dulcis est vita vivet. Crustulam amor.

The Patisserie De Bauchery, temple to all things cake. Existing in a calorie-free virtual environment. Open 24/7 and did we mention the cake?


Patisserie De Bauchery is the name of a location in the virtual world of Second Life. There is a lot to see there, and plenty to grab at the gacha store. Each week there's at least one musical event where people get together to chat and listen to music from a live DJ, and even make song requests. The rest of the time, radio stations play at certain locations, so you'll have a soundtrack to accompany your meanderings. Have a look around and touch stuff, because you can't break anything*.

The area is an entire virtual island that means while there's plenty to explore, it's large enough that you don't have to worry about tripping over other people and feeling awkward if you don't know how it all works.

You can just walk about using your arrow keys and text chat with anyone you find. Everyone there is a real person, and if you have a microphone you can talk rather than do all that olde worlde typing. Just like real life, you have to be close to them for them to hear you, so if you want to, you can just wander around the entire island or store and see at all the amazing looking items. You might even find the Patisserie itself. Make sure your eyeballs are sitting down when you enter, as it's pretty gosh darned special in there.

With all the discussion about virtual reality, or mixed reality, perhaps you should jump in and see what the fuss is all about. However, you don't need any expensive hardware to visit, just the free Second Life viewer to enter the world, and someone in real life to pull you out again because you'll probably lose track of time.
Patisserie De Bauchery is not affiliated with Second Life or Linden Labs, we just live there, and have a great time.

*Unlike the movies, if you die** in Second Life, you don't die in real life.
**You can't die at Patisserie De Bauchery because we're not like that.
Did we mention the cakes?

Patisserie de Bauchery is a proud supporter of No Crumbs Left Behind